Topics in Quantitative Sociology

Fall 2020 ENSAE

Assignment and submission of commentaries

Below is a list with the assignment of commentaries for each student. These concern the two (or, in one case, four) case-studies to be discussed in class in a given week.

Some students have no assigned commentary but a second presentation instead due to distributional concerns. At least one student has two assigned commentaries.

Commentaries are due the night (no later than 23:59) before the class when the case-studies are discussed (example: if you comment on the two case-studies discussed in class for week 3, the commentary is due on the Tuesday night before class).

Submit/upload your commentaries in PDF format by clicking on this link.

Use the following format: [Com][week#][familyname(s)].pdf (example: Com3Petev.pdf).

Make sure to review the evaluation requirements before you prepare and submit your commentary.

Student assignments