Topics in Quantitative Sociology

Fall 2020 ENSAE

Assignment and submission of commentaries

Below is a list with the assignment of commentaries for each student. These concern the two (or, in one case, week 5, four) case-studies to be discussed in class in a given week.

Students write commentaries for two separate weeks. The corresponding weeks are listed below (in parentheses, the precise topic is specified if more than one).

Commentaries are due the night (no later than 23:59) before the day of the class when the case-studies are discussed (example: if you comment on the case-studies discussed in class for week 3, the commentary is due on the Tuesday night before class).

Submit/upload your commentaries in PDF format by clicking on this link.

Use the following format: [Com][week#][familyname(s)].pdf (example: Com3Petev.pdf).

Make sure to review the evaluation requirements before you prepare and submit your commentary.

Student assignments